Marine Biology

Someday, I hope to be a marine biologist, which is a scientist who studies marine life. To be honest, I wanted to pursue marine biology because my best friend, Rachel, wanted to. Pondering this idea later, however, I realized that God has gifted me with a special concern for animals and a love for the ocean. My particular interests include cool frogfish, cuddly dolphins, and colossal whales. I am not studying sharks! They are creepy! I want to research marine biology to help other children learn about life in the ocean. Since some children are afraid of whales and other sea creatures, I would like to prove that they are not dangerous if approached correctly. Finally, I want to prove to the world that marine science is in complete harmony with the Scriptures. Marine life was created by God for our enjoyment and to give us a glimpse of His awesomeness. For these reasons, I feel that God might lead me into marine biology.

Marine Biology picture of frogfish from