Last month, early in November, my beloved dog, Koa, was hit by a car. That was one horrid Sunday night for our family. After weeks of tears and loneliness, on December 4, we drove for two hours up to North Carolina in order to buy ourselves a new puppy. His name is Cocoa.

It was a long trip, but totally worth it. Cocoa is a super-sweet chocolate lab/beagle mix. He is five months old, and since we don’t know his actual birthday, we officially made it July 4th. Unfortunately, when we brought him home, we discovered he was stocked full of fleas and worms. Tuesday, we took him to the vet. He is feeling much better, and therefore his puppy instincts are kicking in. He has destroyed one cardboard box, a pair of my favorite shoes, two Nerf gun bullets, and gone to the bathroom once in the house (but only once). He’s doing well for a 5 month old! We prayed for a special new puppy, and God has provided the perfect one!


Marine Biology

Someday, I hope to be a marine biologist, which is a scientist who studies marine life. To be honest, I wanted to pursue marine biology because my best friend, Rachel, wanted to. Pondering this idea later, however, I realized that God has gifted me with a special concern for animals and a love for the ocean. My particular interests include cool frogfish, cuddly dolphins, and colossal whales. I am not studying sharks! They are creepy! I want to research marine biology to help other children learn about life in the ocean. Since some children are afraid of whales and other sea creatures, I would like to prove that they are not dangerous if approached correctly. Finally, I want to prove to the world that marine science is in complete harmony with the Scriptures. Marine life was created by God for our enjoyment and to give us a glimpse of His awesomeness. For these reasons, I feel that God might lead me into marine biology.

Marine Biology picture of frogfish from

American Girl News

One of my favorite things right now are American Girls. Yesterday, I received a new American Girl magazine introducing the Girl of the Year, Lea Clark! She’s a girl who loves animals and capturing pictures of them. A trip to Brazil changes her life! While I was reading through the magazine, something interesting caught my eye. It was a paragraph about the World Wildlife Fund, which is a fund to save endangered animals all over the world. In order to participate in their contest, I’m supposed to make crafts, draw pictures, or take photos to sell. The money generated from the sale would add to the $50,000 that they have already raised. The Grand Prize really is grand! I’m planning on selling origami flowers, a book I have written about a jungle rescue, and scented, felt, pine cone owls that smell fabulous! All I need is a location. If you know about a great place for me to sell these things, please e-mail me here at Even A Child. Who’s with me to save the animals?!