Last month, early in November, my beloved dog, Koa, was hit by a car. That was one horrid Sunday night for our family. After weeks of tears and loneliness, on December 4, we drove for two hours up to North Carolina in order to buy ourselves a new puppy. His name is Cocoa.

It was a long trip, but totally worth it. Cocoa is a super-sweet chocolate lab/beagle mix. He is five months old, and since we don’t know his actual birthday, we officially made it July 4th. Unfortunately, when we brought him home, we discovered he was stocked full of fleas and worms. Tuesday, we took him to the vet. He is feeling much better, and therefore his puppy instincts are kicking in. He has destroyed one cardboard box, a pair of my favorite shoes, two Nerf gun bullets, and gone to the bathroom once in the house (but only once). He’s doing well for a 5 month old! We prayed for a special new puppy, and God has provided the perfect one!


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