A Fresh Start

Hi! I’m back again! Lots has been going on and I haven’t had time to write anything. What took up most of my time these last few months was Rushingbrook Children’s Choir, school, visiting Grandma for Christmas, planning details for a beach movie I’m going to make for my mom, reading all my new books, and camping. Today turned out differently than I expected when I woke up. Have you ever had a day like that? Daddy decided to get everyone busy cleaning all morning so he and Andrew could go hunting for Youth Hunt Day and everyone else could camp. We stayed in a huge, cute log cabin. I was dancing out on the porch where there happened to be a table. While I was spinning, I hit my foot vvveeerrryyy hard on one of the table legs. The bruise I have is so swollen it looks like I have an extra ankle! We ate at Taco Bell for dinner and I ate – a lot! My stomach is the size of a coconut! My goals for this year are writing at least three times every week, and not to eat so much! My biggest goal is to grow closer to God and and to form good habits and get rid of the bad ones. Yay, 2016!!!!


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