School’s Over

I finally finished fourth grade! It feels so good to be in fifth grade. My school wasn’t really over until I got my math done, so on Saturday I did two maths in the morning and two maths in the afternoon. Mom still needs to check them, so my school isn’t really over yet. But I like to think it is, because if it wasn’t over by Monday, I wouldn’t get to go to The Wilds boot camp. Wouldn’t that be a sorry sight.

Even though I’m done with my real school, I’ve had a special school. I’m the teacher to my little brothers, Andrew and Aiden. They are both really good students. Andrew’s in 3rd grade and Aiden’s in K5. We have an easel to hold our learning chart (we use it for other things too), a jar of beans to add and subtract, craft paper for when we do crafts, and a coloring book to help them with their art (I tear out the pages when they are done and tape their pictures to the wall).

I guess you’re never really done learning!


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