Silent Star

Hi everyone! Guess what? A Greenville tradition is coming up this November! Silent Star, a wonderful Christmas play written by Dr. Nicki Chavers, will warm your heart as four orphans learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Why am I writing about it you ask? Well, my dad and I are in it! The cast list is coming out on the 28th of September at the latest (so they say). I am counting the days till I discover who I get to be! I have my hopes set on one character, but I’ll be happy with whatever God gives me. We already know who my dad is. The Centurion! You will have to come and see us at theĀ  Academy of Arts, Logos Theater, November through December, to find out who the Centurion is, and to meet many other delightful characters! Hope to see you there!



One of my best friend’s brother is receiving chemo therapy. Why? Last November, he and his brother were playing, when suddenly, he started screaming that his head hurt. His mom took him to the hospital. There, they discovered he had a brain tumor. He is only 7 years old!

My coop heard about his tumor and surgery, and we prayed for him all day. Then, at the end of coop, we discovered his surgery had gone well and fast. I see him often at my church, and he is doing much better. Now he is on his second round of chemo. So who will help me pray for him?!?!

A Very Merry Christmas

Did you have a merry Christmas? I hope so! We recently returned from a ten-hour trip to Pennsylvania where we celebrated Christmas with the rest of my family and had a ton of fun. We arrived late Thursday, ate dinner with our Grandma, and enjoyed lots of cuddles.

The next morning, my younger cousins came over. They are so sweet and adorable. It was my first time to meet my baby cousin, Danny. Later, my older cousins joined us for dinner. About half an hour after they arrived, Ethan, one of my older cousins, invited us to explore the woods at the end of my grandma’s yard. We excitedly agreed and decided to play survival! What do you need first? A shelter, of course. My sister helped collect sticks to place over a fallen, y-shaped tree trunk. We hated coming inside for dinner! Afterwards, we rummaged around in Grandma’s basement only to discover two longbows. My cousin took one home (with Grandma’s permission), and my brother kept the other. Saturday, we placed bark on top of the twigs and branches, to protect against rain. Next, I found a long stick and cleared all the wet leaves out from under the shelter. While I did this, the boys created arrows out of sticks for their longbows.

Then it was Sunday, Christmas day! Before heading off to church, we opened our presents from Grandma, and she opened her present from me. Among other things, I received a silver bracelet with the engraving, ” One day at a time.” A good reminder for me, who loves to rush and plan. How did Grandma know? She also gave me American Girl Lea Clark’s sloth, which I wanted the most for Christmas! Then, Monday, the rest of my family gave me an AG (American Girl) Celebration kit, three sets of earrings, a biography about E. B. White, a box of Russel Stover candy, and two gel pens. I am so blessed to have such a great family!

But, I received the best gift in the whole world, just six years ago. Salvation. The baby in the manger is the real reason for Christmas. It’s not all about presents, or Christmas trees, or clean houses that visiting relatives are going to admire (hint, hint, Mom). It’s about Jesus and what He came to do for us.



Last month, early in November, my beloved dog, Koa, was hit by a car. That was one horrid Sunday night for our family. After weeks of tears and loneliness, on December 4, we drove for two hours up to North Carolina in order to buy ourselves a new puppy. His name is Cocoa.

It was a long trip, but totally worth it. Cocoa is a super-sweet chocolate lab/beagle mix. He is five months old, and since we don’t know his actual birthday, we officially made it July 4th. Unfortunately, when we brought him home, we discovered he was stocked full of fleas and worms. Tuesday, we took him to the vet. He is feeling much better, and therefore his puppy instincts are kicking in. He has destroyed one cardboard box, a pair of my favorite shoes, two Nerf gun bullets, and gone to the bathroom once in the house (but only once). He’s doing well for a 5 month old! We prayed for a special new puppy, and God has provided the perfect one!

Marine Biology

Someday, I hope to be a marine biologist, which is a scientist who studies marine life. To be honest, I wanted to pursue marine biology because my best friend, Rachel, wanted to. Pondering this idea later, however, I realized that God has gifted me with a special concern for animals and a love for the ocean. My particular interests include cool frogfish, cuddly dolphins, and colossal whales. I am not studying sharks! They are creepy! I want to research marine biology to help other children learn about life in the ocean. Since some children are afraid of whales and other sea creatures, I would like to prove that they are not dangerous if approached correctly. Finally, I want to prove to the world that marine science is in complete harmony with the Scriptures. Marine life was created by God for our enjoyment and to give us a glimpse of His awesomeness. For these reasons, I feel that God might lead me into marine biology.

Marine Biology picture of frogfish from

American Girl News

One of my favorite things right now are American Girls. Yesterday, I received a new American Girl magazine introducing the Girl of the Year, Lea Clark! She’s a girl who loves animals and capturing pictures of them. A trip to Brazil changes her life! While I was reading through the magazine, something interesting caught my eye. It was a paragraph about the World Wildlife Fund, which is a fund to save endangered animals all over the world. In order to participate in their contest, I’m supposed to make crafts, draw pictures, or take photos to sell. The money generated from the sale would add to the $50,000 that they have already raised. The Grand Prize really is grand! I’m planning on selling origami flowers, a book I have written about a jungle rescue, and scented, felt, pine cone owls that smell fabulous! All I need is a location. If you know about a great place for me to sell these things, please e-mail me here at Even A Child. Who’s with me to save the animals?!

A Fresh Start

Hi! I’m back again! Lots has been going on and I haven’t had time to write anything. What took up most of my time these last few months was Rushingbrook Children’s Choir, school, visiting Grandma for Christmas, planning details for a beach movie I’m going to make for my mom, reading all my new books, and camping. Today turned out differently than I expected when I woke up. Have you ever had a day like that? Daddy decided to get everyone busy cleaning all morning so he and Andrew could go hunting for Youth Hunt Day and everyone else could camp. We stayed in a huge, cute log cabin. I was dancing out on the porch where there happened to be a table. While I was spinning, I hit my foot vvveeerrryyy hard on one of the table legs. The bruise I have is so swollen it looks like I have an extra ankle! We ate at Taco Bell for dinner and I ate – a lot! My stomach is the size of a coconut! My goals for this year are writing at least three times every week, and not to eat so much! My biggest goal is to grow closer to God and and to form good habits and get rid of the bad ones. Yay, 2016!!!!