Different Interests

Having recently discovered the joys of photography, I am planning big changes to this blog. Please check back in a couple of weeks. I have a lot to learn, but can’t wait to share it all with you.


Prayer II

Last week,  my dad broke his collarbone in two places. Wanna know how? Well, it was a Saturday evening. My siblings and I were across the street with our friends and neighbors, playing football, when my dad came out and joined in. He had just caught the ball, run as fast as he could (I’ve never seen him run so fast!), and made a touchdown for his team when he tripped in a hole. He fell onto his shoulder, rolled on his neck and landed on his back. When he got up he was smiling, but then he felt his collarbone. He said,  “I think I broke something.” Our neighbor took Dad to the ER, because my mom couldn’t. She was out with a friend. He got home about 10:00 P.M. Unfortunately, he got a pretty good break. Right now, there is a piece of bone sitting there in his shoulder. He has a sling right now, and he thinks he might of cracked some ribs, as the pain in his side is greater than the pain in his left shoulder. Please help us pray for him. Prayer is the best medicine!!!!

Will You Adopt Me?

Did you know that lots of animal shelters have lots of older cats and dogs that will probably never get adopted? It’s pretty sad. Think about it. When most people want a new pet, they look for puppies and kittens, all the cute, younger ones. But what about the older ones? Will they have to spend the rest of their lives in a animal shelter? Will they never know what it’s like to come home? Will they never know what it’s like to be loved? Puppies and kittens do have a special place in our hearts, but older animals need love too. This has been on my mind ever since I found out about it. I want to adopt a older dog someday, but what about you? Will you love and care for a dog or cat that really wants to know what a home is? Doing this is one way to take care of God’s creation. Don’t forget, “Even a child is known by his doings.”


Silent Star

Hi everyone! Guess what? A Greenville tradition is coming up this November! Silent Star, a wonderful Christmas play written by Dr. Nicki Chavers, will warm your heart as four orphans learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Why am I writing about it you ask? Well, my dad and I are in it! The cast list is coming out on the 28th of September at the latest (so they say). I am counting the days till I discover who I get to be! I have my hopes set on one character, but I’ll be happy with whatever God gives me. We already know who my dad is. The Centurion! You will have to come and see us at the  Academy of Arts, Logos Theater, November through December, to find out who the Centurion is, and to meet many other delightful characters! Hope to see you there!


One of my best friend’s brother is receiving chemo therapy. Why? Last November, he and his brother were playing, when suddenly, he started screaming that his head hurt. His mom took him to the hospital. There, they discovered he had a brain tumor. He is only 7 years old!

My coop heard about his tumor and surgery, and we prayed for him all day. Then, at the end of coop, we discovered his surgery had gone well and fast. I see him often at my church, and he is doing much better. Now he is on his second round of chemo. So who will help me pray for him?!?!

A Very Merry Christmas

Did you have a merry Christmas? I hope so! We recently returned from a ten-hour trip to Pennsylvania where we celebrated Christmas with the rest of my family and had a ton of fun. We arrived late Thursday, ate dinner with our Grandma, and enjoyed lots of cuddles.

The next morning, my younger cousins came over. They are so sweet and adorable. It was my first time to meet my baby cousin, Danny. Later, my older cousins joined us for dinner. About half an hour after they arrived, Ethan, one of my older cousins, invited us to explore the woods at the end of my grandma’s yard. We excitedly agreed and decided to play survival! What do you need first? A shelter, of course. My sister helped collect sticks to place over a fallen, y-shaped tree trunk. We hated coming inside for dinner! Afterwards, we rummaged around in Grandma’s basement only to discover two longbows. My cousin took one home (with Grandma’s permission), and my brother kept the other. Saturday, we placed bark on top of the twigs and branches, to protect against rain. Next, I found a long stick and cleared all the wet leaves out from under the shelter. While I did this, the boys created arrows out of sticks for their longbows.

Then it was Sunday, Christmas day! Before heading off to church, we opened our presents from Grandma, and she opened her present from me. Among other things, I received a silver bracelet with the engraving, ” One day at a time.” A good reminder for me, who loves to rush and plan. How did Grandma know? She also gave me American Girl Lea Clark’s sloth, which I wanted the most for Christmas! Then, Monday, the rest of my family gave me an AG (American Girl) Celebration kit, three sets of earrings, a biography about E. B. White, a box of Russel Stover candy, and two gel pens. I am so blessed to have such a great family!

But, I received the best gift in the whole world, just six years ago. Salvation. The baby in the manger is the real reason for Christmas. It’s not all about presents, or Christmas trees, or clean houses that visiting relatives are going to admire (hint, hint, Mom). It’s about Jesus and what He came to do for us.



Last month, early in November, my beloved dog, Koa, was hit by a car. That was one horrid Sunday night for our family. After weeks of tears and loneliness, on December 4, we drove for two hours up to North Carolina in order to buy ourselves a new puppy. His name is Cocoa.

It was a long trip, but totally worth it. Cocoa is a super-sweet chocolate lab/beagle mix. He is five months old, and since we don’t know his actual birthday, we officially made it July 4th. Unfortunately, when we brought him home, we discovered he was stocked full of fleas and worms. Tuesday, we took him to the vet. He is feeling much better, and therefore his puppy instincts are kicking in. He has destroyed one cardboard box, a pair of my favorite shoes, two Nerf gun bullets, and gone to the bathroom once in the house (but only once). He’s doing well for a 5 month old! We prayed for a special new puppy, and God has provided the perfect one!